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Last September our Island community was devastated by Hurricane Irma. Much to my surprise I began to receive calls for design work right away. My clients were in shock over the loss of their landscaping, most properties lost over 90% of plant material. Often times I felt I was just as much a counselor as a Landscape designer.  I’ve been designing landscapes for 18 years but I had never experienced anything like this. Each property owner had a different and unique story to tell. One of my clients counted 800 5gal buckets of sand he personally removed from him swimming pool while other clients recounted removing 4’ of sand from their downstairs enclosures. The devastation was everywhere and the lack of greenery was hard for any of us to handle. Over the past twelve months I have designed over 50 landscapes including private homes, condominiums, apartment complexes, business retreats and private estates. I work with several amazing landscape installation companies to bring my clients dreams to reality. Below are three of the hurricane damaged properties I designed new landscaping for in 2018.

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