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Landscape Design

I have always been passionate about creating one of a kind, outdoor living spaces where clients can enjoy the outside of their home as much as the inside. I have worked on several large projects but I can also work within a budget and create a simple design that can increase the value of a home without breaking the budget. I work with homeowners, condo associations, builders and landscape contractors. Over the years I have built up a network of contractors ensuring that my clients receive quality installation whether that be of a pool, driveway, tiki or landscape plantings.

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Hardscape Elements

As a landscape designer Integrating various elements and materials into a landscape plan is Key to creating a one of a kind outdoor space. Designs can include hardscape elements such as pools, tiki, brick or natural stone patios and drives as well as various other items on your wish list. Whatever your needs for your outdoor space I can work with you on archiving the look and functionality you desire. Once a hardscape plan is completed I will introduce you to reputable, professional and proven companies to provide engineering (if needed), pricing and installation.


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